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DeMer Jewelry began as a concept in late 1999 in the Washington, D.C. metro area and since then we have changed a lot, growing from a one man basement operation into what we are today. DeMer Jewelry is based in Carlsbad, California, in a manufacturing shoppe where we craft all of our pieces. The DeMer style encompasses many different "moods," but the design principles remain the same throughout. At DeMer, we are driven by our beliefs and we feel that by staying true to them, we create something very special and we know you will too.

We believe that jewelry should outlast ourselves.
Part of the DeMer philosophy has always been to craft wearable works of art that are sturdy, secure, and require minimal special care. You will see running through each of our collections a predisposition to bezel settings (settings where metal wraps all the way around the gemstone), single piece construction, assembled pieces with multiple strong points of contact, custom hand-applied finishes that are designed to wear with you over time, and heavy metal.

We believe that jewelry should be exactly what it looks like whenever possible.
This means that if a pendant is two-tone, then it should actually be produced in two different metals instead of in all one color, then inexpensively plated with a different color over certain areas. If a ring looks solid then it should be whenever possible. The DeMer concept with regards to the amount of precious metal we use in our pieces is, if you can't feel it (physically), then it will be harder to feel it (emotionally). In addition to the visceral and tactile pleasure of a good hefty ring, the added benefit is longevity in wear and tear.

We believe that gemstones can be both focal points and glorious punctuations that harmonize with the entire look of the piece.
You will find a predominance of very high grade melee (small gems) in our pieces as accent. We feel that when it comes to gemstones, there are no hard and fast rules. The entire piece must balance and harmonize as one complete work of art, not as an excuse to add more gems.

We believe that our environment is precious and should be protected.
feels strongly about its impact on the environment and we operate on a minimal waste back office. We are proud to say that the DeMer design office produces less then one 10 gallon bag full of non-recyclable waste per week. Our custom branded jewelry cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable and the canisters are produced using recycled plastics. We make every attempt to use recycled precious metals in our pieces, accounting for over 60% of total production. Recycling gold, silver, and platinum allows us the freedom to craft our own "micro-brew" alloys like DeMer True Rose, English Sterling, our hypoallergenic Grey Gold, the earthy Electrum Green Gold, and our ever popular European Rich Yellow.

We believe that human rights are of the utmost importance.
All our gemstones, without exception, are sourced from responsible dealers. We only acquire gems and metals from certified distribution channels and are ourselves Clean Diamond Act [PDF link] and Kimberley Process [link] compliant. No diamonds or precious stones that we craft into our pieces are conflict stones. We use every possible metal source that is fair-trade accessible to help blend our alloys. We believe every person regardless of gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, family size, location, type of employment, or past misgivings deserves to feel beautiful, look beautiful, and be appreciated as an individual. People are not statistics or the faceless they. DeMer Jewelry believes in the right to a happy, fulfilling life for everyone, and of course, the right to sparkle along the journey.

DeMer Jewelry was founded and is led by jewelry designer Deric Metzger, G.J.G., A.J.A., A.J.P. (GIA). The company continues to perform jewelry services for other designers and jewelry stores, as it always has. DeMer is committed to responsible expansion without compromising our principles. At this time we do not operate a retail store front and due to safety and security concerns, our manufacturing warehouse cannot be visited by the public. DeMer encourages internet- and phone-based business and with the aid of recent jewelry technology is able to work with clients in the purchasing of our designs, or to build a custom design from across the country or across the globe.

DeMer Jewelry would like to thank the our retailers, staff, clients, friends, and family members for their support of our vision of a better, more glittering, tomorrow, especially Stacie B., Chris D., Jessi K., Arlene M., Sarah P., Michael S., and Shad W.

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