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DeMer Lavish Jewelry Cleaner

The finest home jewelry cleaner in the world.

The DeMer Lavish Cleaner is like no other: A natural detergent attacks grime and oil, breaking it down and stripping it away with a light rinse. Our cleaner foams right out of the bottle, to maximize its cleaning power. Plus, it's safe for all gemstones and metals, even pearls!

With all the good stuff in the bottle, you may be surprised at just what isn't: Ammonia and other potentially fatal harsh chemicals, like you'd find in other leading jewelry cleaners on the market. Our Lavish Cleaner is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, so it helps keep your pets and your children safe, while making your jewelry look just like new!

With a go-anywhere design and size and nearly 100 cleanings per bottle, why would you trust your jewelry to anything else?

2 Bottles: $40
3 Bottles: $60
10 Bottles ($1 per bottle discount): $190
20 Bottles ($2 per bottle discount): $360

Listed prices do not include S&H


DeMer Lavish Jewelry Cleaner
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