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Baroque Sub-Collection

Baroque Flourish Engagement Ring

History yet unwritten.

Bold, breathtaking, and sensual, the Baroque Flourish Engagement Ring is a statement all its own, a statement all at once floral, whimsical, sweet, and sultry.

Finely detailed cleft ribbons dance around the ring with graduating granules, forming new patterns and displays of light and shadow from every angle. This ring sits bold and proud on your finger with a seductive and tactile sensation, one that demands to be adored. Hidden heart; Past, Present, Future; and Cheshire details beckon all who view it to look closer, ensuring a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

Securely embraced by the flowing three-dimensional metal are colorless (D,E,F) ideal-cut diamonds that scatter dancing, playful light in all directions. The Baroque Flourish features a triple-thick shank base and sides for the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and style.

Held aloft in an astonishing six-prong star mounting atop this sculpture-cum-ring is a fine diamond or precious gemstone of your choosing, weighing at least one full carat.

Begin a family heirloom, begin your own story, and begin a love affair with luxurious grandeur. Do it with a smile on your face. Do it with an unapologetic flourish.

Approximately one full ounce of custom-blended 18kt grey or DeMer True Rose gold (depending on finger size). 0.72-0.79cttw in colorless/VS+ ideal cut diamond melee. Center stone selected and sold separately for a true selection.

As shown: $7,461

Deric’s note: This ring is a wonder to behold and infinitely more complex then it appears at first glance. every little detail has been refined and considered when the Baroque Flourish was conceived because we know it will be with you and your family for a very long time. At approximately 1/2" wide, it refuses to be ignored. If you (or your lady) is the type of woman who recognizes true opulence and long-term craftsmanship when she sees it, this is the ring for you.

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Baroque Flourish Engagement Ring
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