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Baroque Sub-Collection

Baroque Heritage Maximus Curculaire Ring

History begins.

The signet ring has been a staple of those in power or bearing heritage to a notable family name. Originally used for sealing wax and worn upon the right hand, signet rings have come to represent not only wealth and distinction but are important family heirlooms passed from one generation to the next.

Times have not changed the power and importance of this familial device and thus it remains a coveted object, worthy of admiration and possessing all the gravitas of the distinguished family tree whose initial it bears.

The Heritage Maximus Circulaire is large (16mm) and crafted with the unwritten history of your family in mind. A double thick comfort-fit shank, heavy wall construction, and expertly-detailed Baroque scrolls, granulation, and pin striping make this an unforgettable treasure that will withstand the assault of time unlike any other.

Set with two colorless (D,E,F) VS+ clarity round brilliant fetish diamonds, this ring provides beautiful contrasts of shadow and light, satin and polish, balance and weight.

Begin your own legacy, honor your heritage, or celebrate yourself. All will take note of your authority and fortune, with the Heritage Maximus Circulaire ring.

Nearly one ounce of 18kt hypoallergenic grey gold (depending on finger size), 0.12cttw of fine colorless/VS+ clarity diamonds. 16mm across, hand applied multi-directional finishes.

As shown: $5,010
Other metal colors and types available

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Baroque Heritage Maximus Curculaire Ring
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