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Baroque Sub-Collection

Baroque Melpominee Ring

An orchestra of light.

The moment of silence between an operatic crescendo finale and the roar of the applause is where the Baroque Melpominee lives.

A large fiery center diamond (shown) or fine colored gem is embraced by a smooth and secure bezel, framing the center stage for the spotlight of this ring to dance.

Accentuated by an expanding, angled halo of orbiting diamonds and bedecked at the compass points with Baroque-inspired diamond-laden finials that gracefully fall away like leaves.

Supported by a triple-thick luxury comfort-fit shank, encrusted with intertwining rows of graceful vibrant diamonds. The architecture of the ring allows this pattern to be flanked by wings of seven lucky diamonds each side. These multi-clastic settings hug the finger and fluidly, purposefully, glide upwards to greet the compass leaves.

The Baroque Melpominee Ring is considered from every angle, with meticulously calculated additions of negative space throughout to allow light to play in the shadows as well.

The entire ring is finished with an icing of neo-vintage granulated milgrain-like details throughout. The interior holds a cage of glowing rose gold to protect the pavilion of the central gem, an added reward for the careful eye to detect, glimpsed through the architecture of the ring.

Find your voice, and never be the understudy of your own life again. Step into the spotlight with the Baroque Melpominee and earn your own standing ovation wherever you go.

Over one ounce of solid, antiqued precious Grey, and rose gold (depending on finger size) with black rhodium accents. Up to 6.10 carats total of fine DEF colorless, VS+ clarity, ideal-cut diamonds, including a near colorless-colorless VS+ clarity central graded diamond weighing approximately 3.75 carats (each ring is unique due to the rarity of materials at this level). Extra thick, softened comfort-fit shank, tapers from 27mm to 5.5mm for comfort.

Exclusive limited edition.
Please contact for additional precious colored gemstone options.

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Baroque Melpominee Ring
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