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We believe your business relationships with us should go beyond the standard "supplier/vendor/buyer" formula found all too often these days. We want you to carry DeMer in your store, we want you to make your clients happy, and we want you to make money.

We make this happen through a series of principles, options, and an unflinching dedication to ensuring our partnership works best for everyone! Read on below to see what we will do for you.

  • Brand Area Exclusivity
    Available data indicates up to a 20 mile zone around any one individual's home that they are willing to travel for the average shopping excursion. Your store should be a destination, and if you are carrying a minimum number of DeMer items, no other jeweler in a 20 mile range will be able to carry the DeMer brand. This protects your market dominance, helping distinguish you in your region as an "Exclusive Authorized Purveyor."

  • Website Partnering
    While DeMer does sell through our website for persons not near an authorized retailer, we want to do everything we can to drive traffic (and business) to you. The Store Locator feature of the website is accessible through every page at any time, and each collection page has a prominent display link stating "Where to Acquire This Collection in Person," which directs the e-shopper to the stores that carry that collection, in whole or in part. On both this, and the Store Locator page, an image of your store, with address, phone, fax, email, and website link, will be made easily available. This complete listing will also extend to your other store locations and will be treated independently as unique listings, to maximize convenience for your clients.

  • Price Consistency
    All DeMer retail prices listed (obviously subject to change up, never down) are fixed, and must be displayed in print, web, or in-store signage. This protects you, the retailer, from customers looking to "price shop." While we obviously allow you, the retailer, to make the final decision to give any discounts you deem appropriate (we know many of you have "return client discounts"), you just can’t advertize it in any written way. Hey, you own the pieces, it's your margin and your call, we won't tell you how to run your business. If you wish to advertise the pieces for a higher price then our listed MSRP on our site, we wont compete with you. We do not buy search rankings or advertise openly to the public in print/radio/television.

  • Variations From Us
    We will not now, or ever, make "costume" versions of our designs. If we offer a ring in white gold or platinum to you, our partner, you will never find the exact same ring listed for sale in Sterling silver on our website. We will never undercut you, we are not competitors – we are here to help.

  • Variations You Desire
    Although we will not offer for sale on our website, or other media, any item made with lower quality materials, you can always order any pre-existing piece with different gemstones (A client likes Umbra but can’t pull off red, so they want tourmaline? No problem!) and most pieces can be special ordered with different metals. Also, unlike some designers, we won’t go crazy if you pull a stone out of one of our designs and put in one of your own if that is what the client wants. Satin finish our polish, hammer our satin finishes, pop out the melee diamonds and replace them with kunzite... whatever closes that sale for you, and makes the client come back for more.

  • Sale Crediting (i.e. Reverse ROBO Syndrome Safety Net)
    We all have "those people" as clients sometimes: the opposite of the ROBO buyer (Read Online, Buy Offline) that goes into your store, takes up your time, and "will only buy from the designer" anyway. We find those people just as difficult as you do, and we will make every effort to determine whether or not they saw the item in your store before coming to us. If we even think this is the case we will credit you with 50% of the margin. You make money no matter what! Plus we will strongly suggest they go to their local authorized retailer for cleaning, service, and future sales.

  • Support Materials
    We at DeMer understand the value of a brand story, and to help you celebrate (also reinforce value to clients) being an "Exclusive Authorized Purveyor" of our art we will provide you with an "Exclusive Authorized Purveyor of DeMer Jewelry" window cling graphic measuring 4.8" square. Also by request, a custom in-case sign under 4" long made in exotic wenge wood and purple heart to reinforce brand weight.

  • Maintaining Authorized Status
    To maintain status as an Exclusive Authorized Purveyor of DeMer Jewelry, and protect your exclusivity area, we ask for a minimum of 10 items ordered annually starting one year past the initial acquisition of our line. Clients looking to service a larger are (an entire city or tourist destinations like cruise ports of call, airports, etc.) will have different buy-in's and minimums. Contact us for further info.
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