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Deric Metzger - Owner & Chief Design Officer

Deric Metzger - Owner & Chief Design Officer

Deric Metzger, G.J.G., A.J.A., A.J.P. (GIA)
Owner & Chief Design Officer

email: deric@demerjewelry.com
Facebook: demerjewelry
Twitter: @demerjewelry
YouTube: demercarlsbad

Deric's passion for fine jewelry came from his previous profession as an actor in Washington, D.C. While researching period jewelry for a production of Shakespeare's Othello in 1999, he became enamored with design.

"Growing up in, and around, the District [of Columbia] gave me a true appreciation for the weight of historical influence. Everywhere you look in DC, you find modern married with Edwardian, Impressionism blending into Nouveau, and Gothic Revival. Being from that part of the world afforded me a unique environment that prized multiculturalism and progression, without forgetting the past. It was the perfect place for a jewelry designer to acquire some gravity."

Deric made the move from the world of button-down politics of Washington, D.C. across the country to sunny Southern California to study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where he earned the coveted titles of Graduate Jeweler Gemologist (G.J.G.), Applied Jewelry Arts (A.J.A.), and Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.), and here he stayed.

"We are a bit more 'rock-and-roll-chic' out here, I think. Everything down to the jewelry has a sense of irreverence. I believe I, and by extension DeMer, have found a harmonious balance between the uptight, black tie culture of the East Coast, and the self-awareness/self-indulgence dichotomy of the West Coast. I see what I design as jewelry for cosmopolitan people, fellow travelers."

Since the move to California, DeMer has always been present in the background. Deric believed firmly in the notion that to become a master, you must first be an apprentice and thus limited the company to only accepting referrals from existing clientele or other businesses that reached out to him. Day-to-day however, Deric did many other things like spearheading the creation of a Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) department for a chain of jewelry stores in Alaska and acting as that company's Design Director. In 2009, Deric stepped away from the industry entirely, taking no more open contracts.

"It wasn't that I didn't want to work with jewelry any more, or that I lost faith in the business. My personal life needed attention, and when I trickled off from the business something amazing happened: for the first time in years I saw the work I was doing with fresh eyes. I saw the impending renaissance of designer jewelry coming and I was going to be rested and ready for it."

During his sabbatical, Deric spent some time in Merritt Island, Florida with his family before finally, in 2011, he decided to take down the "members only" sign that had hung around DeMer's neck for the past few years, and moved into an office in Carlsbad, California.

Now Deric is pleased to once more welcome new clients and friends to discover DeMer Jewelry, the way it is meant to be experienced: without regrets. Over the years, Deric Metzger has been honored with many design competition awards, both national and international. The sheer volume of accolades acting as testament to the variety of styles and emotions that Deric can craft into fine jewelry. As of June, 2012, Deric Metzger has won more awards than any other CAD/CAM specific jewelry designer in North America.

"It has been quite a journey going from concept to reality, and it will never stop evolving. Each client brings something new to my world view. It touches me, and you can feel that in our work. Each and every piece I design has their root in someone I have met. Sure all the 'normal' inspirations, such as nature and places I have been, are still there but people are the crux of my work. I design for people because Paris already has its own jewelry, it's called the Eiffel tower. I want to decorate your personal landscape, and help you find something that is part of your story."

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