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Umbra Collection

One in the Chamber Band

Old time vamp.

The One in the Chamber men's band is bold and sleek and while its low profile makes it easy to conceal, why hide a thing of beauty?

A solid metal band 1/2" wide tapering to 8mm and fitted with a comfort edge makes this a great wedding band alternative.

The ring is adorned with a historically accurate scroll pattern, commonly engraved on the barrels of Old Western revolvers. The ring's side profile features a sculpted diamond shape "grip" just like a trusty old Colt .45. We even added exactly 52 diamond shapes around the ring to make your inner riverboat gambler grin.

One in the Chamber is set with a 1/3 carat "black powder" glistening black diamond, encased in a metal bezel. The ring is further accented with a deep gunmetal black finish around the brushed engraving.

Load up each day with One in the Chamber and always be ready to take your best shot.

2/3 oz. of English Sterling, or over 1 oz. of gold (depending on finger size), with blackened and Ruthenium accents. 0.33 carat black-faceted diamond.

As shown: $1,666
Solid 14kt gold versions: "Full Metal Jacket" Rose Gold (shown) or "Police Your Brass" Rich European Yellow Gold.
Your choice: $6,265

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One in the Chamber Band
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