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Vollmacht Collection

Vollmacht Iago Ring

"Demand me nothing. What you know, you know. From this time forth, I will never speak word."
The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, Act V, scene 2)

Introducing the men's ring, Iago.

The Iago ring is modeled for the Vollmacht Sub-Collection of Umbra, in honor of one of the greatest villains ever to be brought into the light by the true master of the written word himself, William Shakespeare.

The ring's intricate, sculpted, blackened scrolls are reminiscent of the complex and byzantine interactions and manipulations of the tragedy. The richly hued gemstones remind us of crystallized (and poisoned?) wine, the glistening and oft-remarked cognac of the Moor himself, and of course, two glittering blades set upon the blindsides.

A remarkably strong and devilish ring with an extra thick, finely sculpted shank, blackened English Sterling and 14kt rich European yellow gold combine to weigh in at nearly 1 1/3 oz. of solid precious metal (depending on finger size).

A 4 carat collector's-quality deep, rich, blood-wine and raspberry rhodolite garnet. Untreated, hand-cut, glittering white sapphires weighing 0.40 cttw. Natural, untreated, Argyle Cognac diamonds weighing 0.14cttw.

A gentleman knows when to elucidate his thoughts and actions. A gentleman knows when to keep his wisdom to himself. A gentleman knows when to let others talk for him.

The Iago ring is here to speak on your behalf, if you have but the courage in your heart to let it be so.

As shown: $3,726

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Vollmacht Iago Ring
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