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Vollmacht Collection

Vollmacht King Pendant

Masculine never looked so chic.

The Vollmacht King men's pendant is an amulet for the truly regal. At over 40mm tall and 30mm wide, this pendant commands attention.

Designed using styling cues from the Resplendent Vollmacht Bracelet, this gentleman's accessory has taken on a life of its own. A bit like a Rorschach ink blot test, we see swirling smoke under street lamps, classic crest elements of prancing horses, dragon's wings, and of course, a crown.

The imagery will change from viewer-to-viewer, but what you will always notice are the understated, yet very beautiful, natural white sapphire center gem, accented with an unexpected glowing, glittering (and might we add, very sinister looking) natural cherry-ember red round zircon*, and just a hint of a bloodied dagger tip below, represented by a top of the line blood red pear shaped ruby. 1.20cttw.

This pendant weighs in at over an ounce of precious metal and is affixed to a 24" heavy weight chain that weighs over an ounce by itself.

Every king needs a shield; every sorcerer, an amulet; and every casanova, a beauty.

As shown: $4,779
Limited Availability

*Note: Zircon is a rarely seen natural gemstone and is not to be confused with Synthetic Cubic Zirconia which is not natural, and not even the same gem. Zircon has a higher dispersion of light then a diamond and splits all light that enters it into two rays, causing it to appear blurry and glowing. DeMer uses only genuine gems.

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Vollmacht King Pendant
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