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When you buy a piece from one of our collections:

Each and every purchase made with DeMer comes with a lifetime guarantee of quality. We craft every single piece to order, and will service that work of art, free of charge, if ever you need it. We recommend having your piece inspected by an Authorized Purveyor of DeMer Jewelry at least once a year to make certain that no gemstones have been knocked loose. If you are not in proximity to one of our retail partners, then the DeMer workshop in Carlsbad, California will be happy to perform annual maintenance through the mail.

How long does it take for me to recieve my order?

In order to ensure the each piece meets our standard, and because we do not ever mass-manufacture our work, we take our time with each and every order. In general, the crafting process takes between two and six weeks. The availability of natural gemstones or the complexity of the piece may impact this time frame. We strive at all times to provide your carefully selected works of art as quickly as possible, while also working to make sure that quality is not negatively impacted. Each and every item you acquire will be finished by hand just for you, and we feel a few weeks of waiting for a future heirloom piece to arrive is well worth it when compared to a lifetime of wearing pleasure.

What if I want a modification to an existing design?

DeMer is first and foremost a custom design house and if you want something changed, for example the type of gemstone used in the piece, send us an email at sales@demerjewelry.com and we will contact you regarding your requests. Most pieces in the gallery can be made with a wide variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones or different precious metal alloys. Customization does not usually take longer then any regular order to fulfill.

What about exchanges or returns?

While we stand behind our work every step of the way, and will provide whatever service is desired to keep your selections looking their best, we cannot accept exchanges or returns for products purchased from us directly. Our master bench jewelers and quality control ensure that nothing leaves our shop that could cause any stability or gemstone loss issues. Should a piece purchased directly from DeMer ever be damaged during the course or normal wear and tear (it happens to the best of us), contact us at sales@demerjewelry.com and let us know what caused the damage and how we can help. All repairs to damaged jewelry are performed at a reduced price in our shop. Our retail partners may have different exchange or return policies and you should contact them directly to find out more.

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